Social media management

Our experts are ready to manage your social media pages, because at MK we have teams for managing pages, responding to comments, monitoring the results of your pages, in addition to increasing the interaction and reach rate on your page here at MK Advertising Agency, in addition to writing our content for the page.

Our services in managing social media:

– Reply to messages and comments

We respond immediately to all messages received on the page as well as comments and report any problem or crisis immediately

– Follow up the results of the Reach and interact on the page and report them

Make suggestions based on those results and what the audience likes

– Monthly report showing the performance of the page

– Writing a content on a monthly basis

What will you benefit from our services?

saving time

Where you will save your time and effort and direct it to other things

– Create a relationship with the audience on the page and encourage them to interact, which increases brand awareness

– Assist in marketing and strategic planning

The insights we provide help determine your destination, your strategy, and the best ways to increase sales

Comments analysis

Where our analysis of the relationships helps you to understand your target audience and their ways of thinking and to know their purchasing personality and the desires that must be satisfied in your product

– Writing the content

We write the appropriate marketing content for your page to encourage interaction on the page

– We know what people are saying off the page about your product and their opinions

This helps in improving the quality of your product and avoiding crises in its beginnings