Mobile Application Development

One of the most important marketing tools for any sales company is its user application, in addition to providing social media for the possibility of promoting it and entering the applications of the organization and your company and to put it in Mobile app store to be downloaded 

In MK advertising agency, we create the application for all mobile phone systems, whether Android or iPhone systems, in a way that makes you reach your audience and customers easier. Its marketing strategies and increase the sales percentage obviously 

MK advertising agency has a professional team to create applications in a way that serves your business, and this is according to a plan and strategy in place, because before starting to create an application, an analysis of the marketing situation and what your company needs should be done, which will benefit in reducing the total cost of creating applications and delivering your product to the consumer faster and with obtaining Reviews from the consumer too.

Mobile application development stages

Defining the target audience and their needs

We believe in the theory of multiple solutions, because if we rely on one solution, we do not guarantee the success of the marketing campaign. Therefore, our marketing expertise enables us to easily identify the interests of the target audience.

Determine the target platform

We determine if your application will appear on Android or iPhone according to the analytics before it, and here it contributes to reducing expenses

– Reduce the price

We are working to get the highest efficiency at a lower and appropriate price because we put money in the right place

– Development stage

Here we start creating the application according to the above, and we take into account what your business and your target audience need as well

Test and trial phase

We try the application after it is finished with a beta version and show it to some users to know their opinions and modify accordingly

– Launch stage

We start the application permanently and know the opinions of users as well