Media Production

At MK advertising agency, we produce all forms of media production for all different means of communications and for all marketing purposes. Media production is one of the most important marketing tools because the first thing that attracts the customer is the visual factor and structure represented by the static or moving image, which increases the awareness and knowledge of the brand for you, implement the goals of the marketing strategy and the entire marketing campaign, and ultimately reach the desired goal, which is to increase sales for your company with the lowest possible budget and because of that The demand for media production for marketing campaigns and brands has increased in Egypt and the whole world, as media production is an important step in communicating information smoothly to the customer.

The most important forms of media production in MK Advertising Agency

  • Creating interactive videos for the campaign

Reels: It is one of the most important means of marketing, as we create Rls videos suitable for the marketing campaign in an attractive and professional manner that contributes to increasing interaction.

Story: Despite its short duration of only 24 hours, it is one of the most influential ways for followers, especially young people, who follow the published story on a renewed basis.

– Videos: According to studies, the audience is generally affected by videos more than the normal written content. Therefore, MK advertising agency makes videos professionally because we have a team who are among the first in marketing

  • 3D Design

– If you want to impress the user, use a three-dimensional design, as it is one of the non-traditional forms of design and contributes to the success of marketing in general, which is what our agency provides

  • 2D Design

– It is an element that is well known, as the two-dimensional design is the most used for trademarks, and there is no publication or topic without them. Simply, the first thing the customer looks at is the image.

  • Animation video making

– Drawing and moving the image is one of the most important ways to attract the attention of the buyer, and through our team, we do high-quality motion graphics only in MK advertising

  • Logo and logo industry

The logo is what the customer remembers about your brand, the more attractive your logo is, the more people will know you and your services.



– Don’t have a filming team? No problem, we have a professional photography team that helps in photographing moments and places in the appropriate manner for use in multimedia.