Making a marketing plan

MK Advertising Agency develops a complete marketing plan for your business, as there is no success for any business without a complete strategic plan. The absence of a marketing plan leads to the failure and deterioration of institutions. This includes setting objectives for the campaign and the way to implement it, determining whether the plan is long-term or short-term, in addition to setting and determining Roles, responsibilities, required sales methods and required methods of dealing with different consumers .


Marketing plan stages:

1- Market analysis

Where the targeted market is studied and the means most used in the targeted market are determined

2- Situation Analysis

The situation is analyzed from various aspects, including:

A – Analyzing competitors and comparing them to your business

B – Identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT).

C – Determining the target audience and the Buyer persona and its characteristics

3- Setting Objectives

Where the marketing goals are fully defined and divided into a time phases, and these objectives are realistic, measurable and time-bound

4- Define the strategy

The strategy, language, methods of speaking and responding to customers, as well as ways to confront various crises, channels that will be used in the marketing campaign, hashtags and campaign slogan are determined .

5- Choose the right tactic

Where the means of advertising or promotion is chosen, whether choosing to rely on a well-known person, event making, advertisement, and others

6- Setting a content calander

Where the schedule of content is planned for a whole month, with defining the days of publication of this content

7- The roles of the team in the campaign are fully defined and responsibilities are distributed

8- A monthly report is made showing all the results during the month and the extent of the change or progress we are making