Public Relations Events Management

It is not necessary to pay a lot for managing an event or setting up various PR activities with MK Advertising Agency Organizing an event is not that difficult with us. Why waste your time on calls and looking for prices when we are there for it and at the right price for you. You can leave us the responsibility of planning whether event, meeting.

MK Advertising Agency is characterized by clear planning and transparent prices without hassles. All of our prices and packages include everything related to event planning and this does not require any effort from you. You can create an event that suits your needs and interests and leads to excite and dazzle your target audience and get media coverage from it

Our Services :




public relations activities

Stages of organizing the event

– Reservation

We book the right event place in agreement with you and at the right price

– planning

We deal with you on all elements of event planning, including:

  • Who will give a speech and speak to the audience

We will determine with you the speakers at the event and the timing

  • ¬†Media call

We have relationships with various media organizations, so we will cover it completely, whether visually or electronically

  • ¬†Number of attendees

We will inform you of the number to attend so that you can choose them

  • Making invitation cards

We will design attractive invitation cards that reflect the mental image of your organization and company

  • Determining public entry rules

We will inform you of the different procedures for attendance and the rules

  • ¬†Announcing the event on social media

We will announce the event on social media to cover it

  • Event Photography

We will take over the entire event photography task within the costs of the event

We can also manage the public relations of your organization and company and permanent communication with various media institutions and improve the mental image of your organization in front of the target and current audience, as well as provide suggestions for the growth of your business and increase the activities of electronic and traditional marketing for you, of course.