Electronic Bill

For the sake of digital transformation and the desire of the Ministry of Finance to digitize the tax bills, an electronic invoice system was established and linked to the ERB System, which benefits many companies and institutions that quickly applied in it

MK Advertising Agency enrolls you on the ERB without any effort from you and thus take advantage of all its benefits and thus keep your business completely safe

Advantages of registering on the electronic Bill

A- Record all customer data

So that you can study them and benefit from their data in the future

B – Coding the items according to the tax authority

Thus creating a kind of organization and ease of work

    C- Registering electronic invoices and obtaining an electronic stamp from the Tax Authority

Where the cloud is registered for these invoices and the encrypted electronic seal is obtained

    D- Sending invoices to the tax authority electronically

After obtaining the electronic seal, the invoices are sent to the tax authority to obtain the electronic signature

    E- Electronic signature on these invoices and their approval and obtaining the unified number

    F- Final confirmation of the validity of the invoices approval

    G- Registration on the ERB system and linking the company to one complete system

The previous advantages contribute to facilitating tax procedures on the one hand and benefiting from the ERB system on the other hand, and Egypt is the first Arab country to implement the electronic invoice system

All you have to do is leave us the responsibility of entering the electronic invoice systems and do not bear the worries of taxes, take advantage of the ERB systems, prepare for the digital future and increase your investments that will help you grow in the future