Business Development

MK Advertising Agency can fully develop and manage your business. We build long-term creativity over an extended period of time during broadcast by building a reputation and a mental image that helps grow the business as required. We make your business and your business grow significantly through a series of procedures and steps that work to raise the name of the institution in the market in the midst of competitors completely, and this is done in several stages, including:

1- Market assessment and analysis

Where the market is studied carefully and we know what we lack to be in competition

2- Gathering information about consumers and competitors

If you want to beat your competitor, you must study them and know their secrets and strengths in order to overcome it, which is what we do

3- Providing recommendations that lead to a large sale through our experts in what is known as sales opportunities

4- Providing advice on product or service quality and deficiencies to increase sales

It is not possible to increase sales if we ignore our shortcomings 

5- Follow up on sales activity

Through a continuous report and follow-up, we monitor the sales activity and the extent of our implementation of our set strategy

6- Providing suggestions and an advertising plan for the marketing campaign with the aim of increasing sales

Where ads help greatly in increasing awareness of your business and marketing, which increases sales

7- Designing a business model that includes:

A- Marketing

Where we define the marketing plan for a specific period, the channels and tools we will use, and the goals set as we mentioned

b- Information management

C- Customer service

It is the customer service after the sale and knowing their opinions once and for all about the product or service

8- Submitting a monthly report showing the performance on the ground and the extent to which there is a change in the percentage of sales