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Online Ads is a form of advertising that is carried out through various communication platforms (Facebook – Instagram – WhatsApp – LinkedIn – Pinterest – Google – YouTube – and others) and these ads aim to attract consumers to buy your product if you target the correct and elaborate target audience

Advantages of online advertising

Accurate targeting of the audience and ensuring that the message reaches with the lowest cost, unlike traditional advertising There are no limits to your campaign as in traditional campaigns Having a real detailed report on the performance of your advertising campaign, unlike traditional ads

Online Paying methods •

The PPC or Pay per click  method is the most used in the platforms, as the platform charges you for the customer’s click on your ad, which ensures that your message reaches him and is commonly used on Google and is used by large companies and B2B systems in the most way in their business

– The bidding or auction method is used in different other platforms, and here is what makes us different from other advertisers, as an appropriate budget is set according to predetermined results. Here the platforms differentiate between the level of professionalism of advertisers according to previous experience

We at MK advertising agency do not seek only to prepare fans or followers of the page, but we focus most on increasing your sales with the lowest possible budget. It is not always fame that achieves sales, but persuading the customer with the product in the appropriate manner is the point of difference that leads to the purchase of your product through following a marketing strategy and a plan in place and choosing The right platform for your business campaign

MK advertising agency provides the following services

Develop the appropriate strategy for your campaign

There is no success for your campaign without a clear strategy and plan, so the bottleneck in marketing campaigns is the plan

Determining the target audience accurately and carefully, based on our previous experiences

Defining audience segments, their characteristics, interests, and challenges is the way to convince the consumer of the message of the advertising campaign

Determine the appropriate budget

We are working on a theory of advantage, less, better results, and it is a difficult theory, but thanks to our previous experiences, it is not difficult for us

Choosing the right platform for your advertising campaign

Each platform has its own characteristics and audience, so the appropriate platform is chosen based on the target audience

– Placing the content of the advertising campaign in an attractive manner

It is the basis of the advertising campaign. The advertising campaign is not just a correct targeting of the audience, but the content that attracts the attention of the user to the platform

– Follow up on the results of your campaign periodically, whether the results of the change on your page, the number of views, or the increase in your sales

Continuous follow-up of the results ensures that money is not wasted without interest or results, so rest assured that your money is in the right place

– Provide a detailed report on the progress of the advertising campaign

This report will show the results of the campaign, the number of clicks, and the extent of change after the campaign’s work