The Top 5 Metrics for Digital Advertising

The Top 5 Metrics for Digital Advertising

Social media marketing has become crucial for any modern digital marketing agency. You may want to track the marketing activities of your partner agency, but you don’t have the know-how. Because of this, we’re here to help. Here are the five best metrics to keep track of when working on your digital advertising.

1- New Visitors

One of the most important things to look at is how many new eyes you’re reaching a day. Either offline or online visitors, make a goal for how many new visitors you want each week, month, or whatever duration best fits you. Use a key metric to see if your recent marketing strategy is working to help get new customers.

In the ideal scenario, your total visitors should present stable growth from week to week. However, if you notice a drop in the volume of visits, it is time to take some actions related to your marketing strategy.

2- Stay Time

Having new visitors is great, but many visitors will click on a website or post only to click away within a few seconds, which is called (a low session length).

You can avoid low session length by making sure your social media advertising isn’t spam, poor, or you’re targeting the wrong audiences. Also, if you mislead your audience, they’ll arrive and realize it isn’t what they expected, swiftly leaving.

Attracting your visitors for a long time with interesting content is likely to keep them.

3- Conversion Rate


Your conversion rate is a metric that records the percentage of users who have completed the desired action. Like, how many visitors turn into customers? We track it by the number of conversions divided by the total number of visitors.

4- Clicks

On your website, social media posts, and so on, how many clicks are your visitors doing? Clicks are a key metric for knowing if your clients are interacting with your content.

Engaging and entertaining content can help with this. Consider keeping track of how many website clicks and social media ad clicks. Clicks can help increase your profit massively.

5- Engagement

Finally, engagement is one of the most important digital advertising key metrics. Clicks, conversion rate, and session length are all measures of engagement.

Engagement is a metric of whether you are actually capturing your consumers or simply hosting them. Consider videos, pictures, and blogs to increase the engagement of new and regular visitors.

Take it to the next level

Keeping track of your digital advertising key metrics can help you spark your social media presence and attract new users daily. That’s what we do to make sure that you keep your brand on the market track.

For more information on how to keep track of your digital advertising metrics, contact us.

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